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At the beginning of our road to the moon, we will focus on creating a community that believes in our project and on marketing events and partnerships, especially, in the first three phases of our roadmap.
Marketing Shibareum Ai Protocol for project through partnering with content creators and providing the community with explanations on the project’s values and how to buy and sell $SHIBAIO cryptocurrency.
Building communities in the MENA region, Turkey, France, Russia ,China and all over the World.
Launching our merch, in which 50% of the profits will be allocated to buying back and burning our token, while the other 50% will be allocated to support the treasury.


  • Project Initialization
  • Social Media setup
  • Website and Roadmap Release
  • Token Launch
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Dextools Info Update
  • Eth trending


  • Building The Community
  • Marketing Rollout on Twitter/TG
  • Utility Decision with community
  • Partnerships
  • WEB3 DAPPs


  • Utility Development Starts
  • Community AMA’s
  • First CEX Listing
  • Billboards
  • More Updates soon..
Fourth, fifth and sixth phase
In these advanced stages of the road, we will work on building and launching major crypto projects. It should also be noted that these phases are flexible and subject to modification according to the crypto market requirements, in correspondence to that, new projects may be added to these phases in the future.